Executive Agenda: Reach the Top 12 Goals of Every CPO Fast

Because your stakeholders expect more than just low material costs.

As a CPO these days, you have a lot on your plate. In the wake of the increasing professionalization of the Procurement function, Procurement executives are expected to do much more than simply focus on savings. They have to manage risks and volatility, secure Procurement’s position as a value-adding partner in the company, optimize working capital and cashflow, and—last, but not least—they have to press ahead with digitalization.
How will you reach your goals?

The Executive Agenda will introduce you to JAGGAER’s digital software solutions and will show you how you can use them to reach the top 12 goals of every CPO:

#1: Significant savings
#2: Manage risks and volatility
#3: Establish Procurement as a value-adding partner in the company
#4: Ensure compliance
#5: (Virtual) centralization of Procurement
#6: Optimize working capital and cashflow
#7: Ensure product and service quality
#8: Ensure supply chain security
#9: Cost engineering & innovation
#10: Strategic supplier partnerships
#11: Lean transactional processes
#12: Digitalization & transparency

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital processes and integrated systems in Procurement, and reach your goals sooner? Discover the exciting possibilities for yourself!

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