Contract Management Success: The Secret Sauce

Contracts are an essential element of risk management. They are widely used to reduce risk consequence and to prevent certain risks from occurring.But what about risk elimination? Can we tackle some of the key areas of value loss and turn our contract management process into a source of visible added-value?

IACCM has undertaken extensive contract management research into the main sources of value erosion – issues such as disagreement over scope, weaknesses in change management, missing clauses and failure to apply contract terms. In this webinar, we will discuss how contract management software can tackle the primary sources of value erosion, to turn the contracting process into a clear source of added value for the business.

In this recorded contract management webinar, you will discover:

  • The major sources of value-erosion in today’s contract relationships
  • The role that technology & software can play in safeguarding revenue and savings
  • The implications for contract management, legal or procurement groups