Ardent Partners The State of Strategic Sourcing Report 2014

Connecting the Dots

The speed and complexity of business continues to accelerate, forcing procurement departments from around the globe to adapt to new market conditions and react to new opportunities while maintaining discipline and efficiency. Dependence upon supply chains continues to rise and sourcing has never been more critical to overall success. But, more than 30 years after strategic sourcing became a well-defined business process, and almost 20 years after the tools that could automate the process were invented, the key to sourcing success is no great mystery – teams just need to connect the dots.

Featuring insights on:

  • The strategic sourcing programs of almost 250 distinct procurement departments
  • Best-in-Class competencies for improving the sourcing function and its results
  • The market trends that shape strategic sourcing today
  • Market statistics to quantify and examine what leading sourcing organizations are doing to outperform their peers