JAGGAER Indirect 18.2: Transform Your Shopping Experience

Tejari makes purchasing goods and services easier than ever with exciting new changes to the eProcurement process in Jaguar: 18.2. Jaguar puts catalog and non-catalog pricing at your fingertips in a single, streamlined user interface, giving your team the tools you need to quickly compare prices and buy the goods you need on a daily basis.

Jaguar Release 18.2 includes:

  • Flexible Approval Routing and Ad-Hoc Approvals in eProcurement allow approvers to add additional approval steps “on the fly” where standard processes need to be enhanced to support real world business scenarios. Ad-hoc approvals maintain oversight and tracking, while supporting situations in which additional approvals are needed, helping to create strong collaboration and visibility across the organization, while eliminating time consuming manual processes.
  • Two Clicks and a Buy transforms eProcurement with a fresh new interface to make shopping quicker and more intuitive. Two Clicks and a Buy represents feedback from our customers combined with best practices in e-commerce design to deliver a modern, seamless shopping experience.
  • LivePrice Plus™ reduces the headache of eProcurement punch-outs and simplifies the shopping experience by displaying punch-out pricing directly in search results; no more punching out to supplier sites just to see a price! Links to punch-out pages are still available to find additional item details, but they display as pop-ups, retaining your original search results in the main window.
  • RateManager lets buyers specify a variety of tax rates and codes, including GST, HST and Use Tax among others. The tax configuration can be set to apply manually, or via automation rules. By capturing the correct tax amounts during the checkout process, and having it flow through the entire buying process, users can now more accurately encumber/accrue funds in their financial systems to support stronger cashflow management.
  • ASO’s Routing Network Optimization breaks down shipping routes to allow providers to bid individually on each transportation segment, giving you better pricing insights and more negotiating power. Powerful optimization analysis tools help to craft detailed global awarding scenarios that fit your business and determine the most efficient model, from source to destination.