JAGGAER: What it means and what it means for you!


By now you’ve heard that SciQuest, one of the pioneers in the development of the eProcurement space, is now JAGGAER: simply the world’s most comprehensive Source-to-Pay suite. So why the change and what’s the industry reaction? In a nutshell, it was time.

Ask 10 people what SciQuest meant and you’d receive 10 different answers. The company had grown, but the meaning behind the name hadn’t. Technically, SciQuest referred to the company’s roots as a sourcing tool for the scientific community. And in that space, it made perfect sense. Fast forward 20 years and you’ll find SciQuest played in multiple spaces: higher education, life sciences, pharma and several sub-vertical commercial spaces. The company in practice had outgrown its original meaning. Enter JAGGAER.

JAGGAER is a derivative of the German word for “hunter,” someone with a unique, comprehensive skill set to identify and seek things out. It shares some similar attributes to an old French term meaning acquire and obtain. That term? Procurer; in modern usage it’s a verb used to define our space: procure.

We simplified our tagline to something that captures our brand essence and promise: JAGGAER is Simply Comprehensive. As a company we will be actively listening to all of our customers, and combining that input with our understanding of the market. Collectively this data will inform our aggressive technology road map and fuel the innovation that has made us a leader in the space for over two decades.

Response to the relaunch has been outstanding. We’ve received notes from both buyers and suppliers and have seen positive recognition in the press and among the analyst community. Look for JAGGAER to make a lot of noise this year, and please let us know what you think about this change.

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