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The Importance of Trustworthy Supplier Data, featuring Tealbook

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Is your supplier data letting you down? 

Supplier data is essential to an efficient procurement workflow. Obtaining, managing and utilizing supplier information allows for increased automation, better supply chain predictability and consistent performance. All these factors drive down cost and speed up your routine tasks. 

But too often organizations have incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise unreliable data that make these advantages impossible and introduce new levels of risk. So how can you make sure you can trust your supplier data? 

Join JAGGAER’s VP of Product Management Georg Roesch and Tealbook’s VP of Customer Success and Experience Kate Hands for a webinar on why supplier data is so crucial and what you can do to improve your database. 

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In this 45-minute presentation, you’ll learn: 

  • Why reliable supplier data isn’t just a leg up, but a requirement in today’s landscape 
  • What supplier data is most important 
  • How you can improve your supplier data 

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