SMEs to the Rescue – Starting anew using digital procurement to compete in the digital economy

What we have learned from 2020 so far is that it is vital for small businesses to be resilient and agile to remain competitive. And what a sustainable business model looks like up until today has been built taking just one thing into account, the bottom line.

Build the strategic capabilities of procurement and ensure on-going cost savings, supplier management and reduction of risk, while delivering growth through innovation.

Adopting the use of technology will no doubt generate a greater ROI and create a more efficient procurement process in a matter of days, however a new digital mindset is needed to reshape how organisations operate internally and externally.

In collaboration with Network Digital 360, this whitepaper is a must read to learn more about:


  • The current status of the SME UK market
  • How the market will evolve in the next few years
  • Where procurement sits and the vital role it plays in rebuilding supply chains
  • The latest technological advancements designed for SMEs

Are you looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and maximise efficiency? If so, this whitepaper is for you!

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