Driving Enterprise-wide Savings With Mature Category Management
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Driving Enterprise-wide Savings With Mature Category Management


Category Management—Using Technology to Inform Decisions 


Ipart 1 of this serieswe explored why many procurement organizations are not taking full advantage of category management—even though it tops the list as the most important service procurement can deliver.  

If procurement teams are to continuously improve, then category management must be leveraged to enhance market intelligence, supply chains, and competitive advantage 

Once procurement teams have a clear understanding of what category management is, their attention can turn to execution. 

One of the primary roadblocks to mature category management is taking what’s on paper and implementing it. 


In this free white paper you’ll learn: 

  • How to increase category visibilityUsing an analytics dashboard to connect business objectives with specific actions  
  • Which category management activities to trackChoosing the right data in order to drive the right results 
  • How embedded intelligence sustains the category level perspectiveWhy procurement needs to lead the way to improve clarityoutput, and collaboration at the category level 
  • Use cases for embedded intelligence—Real-life scenarios of embedded intelligence in a category management program 

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