On-Demand Webinar

Advancing Energy Together: Powered by Advanced Sourcing Optimiser


Recent shocks to global supply chains have forced organizations to reevaluate how they source goods and optimize their supply lines. As supply chains continue to evolve, expanding and increasing in complexity, so too do sourcing events. It’s important for procurement teams to keep up.

Advanced sourcing solutions use comprehensive optimization technologies to open up the marketplace. They drive new savings and efficiencies into your supply chains. We’ve invited, Sue Simmonds, Global Contract Manager and Lidia Pynoo, Global Category Manager Logistics and Supply Chain, a leading global distributor of off-grid energy to share how they are managing their supply chain in recent events and how their investment in advanced sourcing tools has enabled resilience and agility.

In this case study webinar with SHV Energy we explore:


  • How complex sourcing environment at SHV Energy required an advanced e-sourcing tool for logistics
  • The critical benefits of scenario building, data visualisation and reporting
  • Building the business case and demonstrating ROI
  • How ASO is supporting their overall business growth


Watch this webinar to hear best-practice when it comes to advanced sourcing. You will joined by Sue Simmonds & Lidia Pynoo from SHV Energy and Matteo Marino from Accenture together with JAGGAER for a dynamic discussion on supply chain agility, sourcing challenges and protecting profits today and beyond.

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