Procurement negotiation

How to Turn Every Supplier Negotiation Into Success

Negotiate Right!

Negotiation – Some people are very confident at it while others avoid it at all cost. No matter how you feel, negotiating is a ubiquitous part of real life. Every day you are likely to be negotiating something – maybe it’s a raise with your boss, or more help from your spouse. Conscious or unconscious, we’re practicing negotiation skills throughout the day.

Negotiation in purchasing isn’t only about driving down price. It’s the ability to manage and improve quality, service, and performance for your organization. Negotiation is highly under-estimated, however it’s one of the most important business skills that procurement leaders can have when it comes to providing value to the enterprise.

Before any important negotiation session, you need to prepare. Our checklist, Negotiate Right, walks you through the steps needed to become a more effective negotiator. This checklist will help you to:


  • Identify critical information about your negotiating partner to improve communications and garner more influence
  • Become more self-aware of your own personal strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the negotiation process
  • Set goals and develop KPIs of ongoing business activities designed to improve performance, quality, service, and value to the enterprise
  • Perform benchmarks and financial assessments



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