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Evaluating Carrier Relationships for Now and into the Future


A Guide for Your Short and Long-Term Carrier Sourcing Needs

COVID-19 has dramatically changed existing transportation networks and strained capacity for freight carriers around the worldShippers are left struggling to find transportation providers at competitive prices. You need to be competitive now, so you might turn to the spot market. But with so much market uncertainty, how can you know whether you’re signing an agreement that will still be viable three months down the road? Do you establish new contracts with your incumbent carriers or reach out to new suppliers? No one can predict the future, so you need to build a transportation sourcing strategy that will solve your immediate needs but also last into the future. 

With a dedicated sourcing tool for complex transportation sourcing events, you can quickly set up new events to find carriers for rapidly changing needs. Constantly reoptimize your supply chains to take advantage of shifting rates and capacity. Detailed bid requirements and constraints, capacity levels, lead times, risk analysis, and collaboration with carriers all help you determine which carriers will be viable now through the crisis recovery period. While you might be worried about rocking the boat with your current carriers, your top priority is finding the right vendors without fear of wide price variability and spotty reliability. With our guide, see how you can get an accurate picture of your transportation landscape and make informed award decisions.

Are you ready to start managing your urgent carrier needs? 

In this checklist, you’ll get clear steps to: 

  • Determine whether you need a short-term or long-term carrier  
  • Consider price and non-price factors in your transportation bids 
  • Evaluate your carriers’ current situations and opportunities 
  • Consider risk factors of changing carriers 

Get clear direction on how to balance your short-term needs with long term stability and manage your future carrier requirements while considering your incumbents. Download the checklist now! 

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