How to Make the Right Award Decisions

Don’t throw the money out the window

The real cost of purchasing is more than just the price! The actual cost drivers are often well hidden and let you, as a buyer, quickly fall into the trap of wrong awarding decisions – with high follow-up costs!  

Full transparency of cost details is the basis for every correct order placement. But how often do you feel like you are comparing apples to oranges when you have to make a decision?  

With this practical checklist you’ll get a comprehensive view of the details and find answers to these important questions:   

  • Is your price base consistent?  
  • Have you already considered all costs, such as equipment, exchange costs, insurance and disposal?  
  • Do you know the TCO and TVO?  

Get the most out of your market. Question every supplier offer in a larger context and adapt every award to your purchasing strategy. 

Get the checklist for the right award decisions now. 

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