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The Suite Advantage: Reduce Complexity and Invest in the Future for Intelligent, Autonomous Source-to-Pay Technology

The End of the Classic Procurement ‘Specialist vs Suite’ Debate  

As you’ve researched procurement technology you’ve probably wondered ‘what’s better, an end-to-end suite or individual specialist solutions?’ The answer probably wasn’t clear with both sides claiming to offer value. The reality is, in order to truly take the next step as a procurement organization it will take more than simply features and functions. It will take a true technology partner that is aligned with your organization’s strategies and vision.  

While features and functionality are certainly important aspects of procurement technology, end-to-end suites often offer deeper functionality than that of specialists, while also bringing a holistic and unified approach to procurement solutions. It’s this connectivity and future focused approach that sets end-to-end procurement suites apart.  

Learn from the experts at Spend Matters: 


  • How suites and specialists stack up head-to-head 
  • The truth behind the feature/function narrative  
  • How to utilize a suite for intelligent and, eventually, autonomous procurement  
  • The key benefits of a unified and holistic approach 
  • How to reduce complexity and optimize your source-to-pay processes  

Finally get the expert’s answer to the suite vs specialist debate and find out how to take your procurement organization to new heights with a strategic technology partnershipDownload the free white paper now! 

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