Determine How Much You Can Save with our eProcurement ROI Calculator


One of the first questions that anyone implementing a new eProcurement system asks is “How much am I going to save?” It’s the right question to ask, and all too often you get the answer of “it depends.” And while that’s true, it’s important to have a benchmark to start from and to help you build your case with internal stakeholders.

Get a more personalized estimate on savings

Our new savings calculator was developed by the experts from our JAGGAER value consulting team, and it leverages industry data benchmarks, as published by The Aberdeen Group. This new calculator extends beyond the status quo, encompassing savings found throughout the entire Procure-to-Pay process.

With a few inputs from you regarding your annual spend, number of purchase orders and number of invoices, we can help you calculate a reliable estimate of annual savings after deploying eprocurement software within your organization.

Whether you are a commercial business or a higher education institution, an eProcurement system will help you reduce processing costs, cycle times, and maverick spend, while getting more spend under management.

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