Rebecca Pender, Alkermes

Rebecca Pender, Associate Director of Strategic Sourcing at Alkermes, talks about realizing 23% reduction in costs and other fundamental benefits and transformative advantages that Autonomous Commerce offers.

In this 3-minute video, see how Alkermes implemented JAGGAER alongside their ERP to increase catalog purchases from 2% to 50% and become a global procurement organization rather than a purchasing organization.

Alkermes Wanted More Capability Out of an ERP System and to Optimize Processes

Before adopting JAGGAER, Rebecca says that Alkermes felt like it was more of a purchasing organization than a procurement organization. Given this challenge, the bio-tech firm was looking for a transformation in business processes with an emphasis on becoming a global procurement organization. Alkermes was moving toward a nuanced category management structure and wanted more capability out of an ERP system. Rebecca further goes on to say that Alkermes needed a system that would support the type of transformation they were looking to achieve. A platform with reporting capabilities, data analytics, and KPIs coupled with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) was highly desired, and JAGGAER provided those solutions.

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