Merck Revolutionizes its Global Supply Network Using JAGGAER Automation Tools

Merck, the most established pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world, is well-known for developing technology that enriches and improves people’s lives. While the company has an impressive level of maturity as it pertains to their supplier management functions, Merck found that it still had a ways to go in consolidating IT systems, creating higher levels of efficiency and creating a uniform, centralized system for vendor management. This is when the company turned to JAGGAER for help.

In our success story, Merck Optimizes Supplier Management with Automation Tools from JAGGAER, you’ll learn how this science and technology leader used JAGGAER solutions to streamline systems and processes to manage over 8,000 technical suppliers and 400 users. Learn how Merck:

  1. Implemented a central system for numerous complex processes, aligning Technical Contracting and Group Procurement Systems
  2. Improved data quality and accessibility, made seamless across various media
  3. Created faster and more secure processes
  4. Reduced manual administrative tasks and maintenance costs