CEVA Masters Spend Complexity with Advanced Sourcing Optimizer

Delivering increased value to a global customer base

For CEVA Logistics’ procurement team, changing industry dynamics and customer requirements were forcing them to find a new approach. CEVA was looking for an advanced sourcing solution that would allow them to employ more flexibility and detail in online sourcing events, both in terms of increasing the number of bid variables that could be collected from bidders as well as improving the ability for users to run robust sourcing scenarios and compare award options. With Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO), the company fostered increased collaboration between its various procurement teams through the use of analytics tools, and leveraged JAGGAER’s team of experts to assure that their users were getting the most out of their sourcing initiatives and tools to achieve their business goals.

Read the success story to find out how CEVA:

  • Gained visibility into cost drivers and analyzes them to inform decision-making processes
  • Offered suppliers the ability to see their competitiveness in each online bidding event
  • Conducted rapid data reviews and analyses to compare possible award outcomes and all key performance indicators in RFIs
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