Benefits of Automated Procurement System at Caltech

Better pricing and increased contract compliance

Caltech’s procurement staff realized that in order to control costs, they needed far better visibility into purchasing patterns—what is each department spending, how much were they paying for items, and what share of total spend was each vendor getting. The school looked to JAGGAER for tools to manage the entire institutional procurement cycle. This freed up procurement managers to focus on issues that provide sustained improvements and transform purchasing to something beyond an “order shop”—making it into a strategic procurement function. Caltech simplified their purchasing processes, improved operating efficiency, eliminated paper-driven processes in favor of order automation, and enabled campus-wide access to a wider catalog of suppliers.

Read the success story to find out how Caltech:

  • Increased spend under management threefold in four years
  • Reduced costs without compromising quality
  • Eliminated manual purchase requisitions almost entirely
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