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    JAGGAER Spend Management

    Identify Cost saving opportunities and grow revenue with an analytics solution that provides actionable insights across all spend

    Gain better control and flexibility of your Spend data

    • Improve clarity across your organization’s procurement spending trends

    • Attain greater control of the data you analyze and action

    • Utilize pre-configured analytics to identify compliance and savings opportunities

    • Determine necessary actions based on market conditions

    • Improve stakeholder confidence in data accuracy and analytics specific to their needs

      Why JAGGAER?

      Opportunities to create more value

      Pre-Configured Visualization Dashboards:
      Dashboards are built from real-world customer requirements with headline views and filter capabilities. Track by multiple dimensions and time on standard reports like early payment, discount tracking, and contract compliance and maverick spend.

      Quickly Identify Value Creation Opportunities:
      Uncover areas for optimization. Minimize non-compliant spend, reduce unit prices, consolidate suppliers, create business unit collaboration and more.

      Unified Spend Data

      All Spend Data in One Solution:
      Process, transform, validate and enrich multiple sources of data. Machine learning speeds up classification and grouping while automated algorithms simplify any manual adjustments.

      100% spend management:
      See where every dollar goes. Interpret data from many perspectives for new information and increased value. Analysts find faster data insights, managers track and optimize KPIs and executives get KPI-focused overviews.

      Confidence in Data Accuracy

      Proven Enrichment Technology:
      Automate data validation. Intelliclass machine learning classification automates keyword and statistic rules. Get structured data cleansing, supplier normalization and consolidation, and take a blended AI approach for manual adjustments.

      Trust the Data to Take Action:
      Make timely assessments and faster decisions. Let artificial intelligence do the work while maintaining control to make adjustments that fit your needs.

      Streamlined Reports

      Streamlined Data Refreshes:
      Provide updates to spend data at a regular cadence. Give users enhanced classification requests and give administrators visibility into request status. Continually improve data management, maintaining classification rates. Plus, new reports on the dashboards are released regularly.

      Continually Reliable Data:
      Empower procurement without relying on IT. Take advantage of new reports and metrics with repeatable processes for updating reports.

      What’s really beneficial is that we get instant insight into actual versus planned across all of our contracts, is our spend with a particular carrier a lot more or a lot less?

      Srestha Dutta,
      Global Process & Technology Senior Manager Unilever


      Spend Management

      Top Ten Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Successful Spend Analysis

      Manage, track and analyze all your data on one Intelligent platform

      JAGGAER Spend Analytics offers comprehensive visibility into spending data, advanced analytics, and supplier management capabilities, empowering organizations to drive cost savings and strategic procurement outcomes.

      JAGGAER One

      View the past and manage the present with Spend Analytics.

      Spend Analytics is only one piece of a comprehensive spend management suite. Manage, track and analyze all your data on one intelligent platform. 

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      Spend Management

      JAGGAER software gives your team the tools to control costs and grow revenue. Our AI-powered spend analysis solution turns data into actionable insight for value-adding impact across all spend categories.

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      Category Management

      Create, track, and iterate on your digital procurement category strategies. Deliver cost-savings and continuous improvement, powered by unrivalled category intelligence.

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      Supplier Management

      Harness JAGGAER software to discover new commercial opportunities within supplier management – and manage risk based on Al predictions to increase value across your supply chain.

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      Strategic Sourcing

      JAGGAER software empowers smarter spending with the most complete source-to-pay solution. Optimize expenses – direct and indirect – and gain actionable insights to deliver exceptional value and greater sustainability.

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      JAGGAER software harnesses Al-powered automation to deliver deeper visibility and execute contracts faster, with increased compliance and reduced risk.

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      JAGGAER software empowers procurement to cut costs and add value. Enhance compliance and optimize spend control through our user friendly, comprehensive, and intelligent procurement solution. Enjoy the benefits of a simplified procurement experience that enables frictionless commerce in a vast supplier network.

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      Supply Chain Collaboration

      JAGGAER software improves supplier collaboration for optimized performance in logistics, quality control, sustainability, and resilience – and gives you the real-time tools to enable supplier continuity in times of disruption.

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      JAGGAER software brings the benefits of full automation of global Accounts Payable processes, while ensuring compliance with regional and country-specific regulations.

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      JAGGAER’s networked, intelligent and extensible platform provides end-to-end global AP automation to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs. With JAGGAER Pay, every AP task managed in a single solution, eliminating the need to bounce between ERP’s and multiple-point solutions.

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      Data Insights

      Optimize business performance and uncover new opportunities, through powerful procurement analytics and embedded intelligence software.

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      Gain competitive advantage by empowering better decision making and higher utilization. JAGGAER software combines embedded intelligence and innovative technologies to deliver strategic insights and value-adding automation.

      Maturity Assessment

      Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.