Service Orders

Poor service order management creates additional costs

Buying services is different from buying parts. In particular, you do not know what the price will be when you order. This makes entering it into your ERP and processing the invoice difficult. In addition, when you have to add services prices into your ERP later in the process, this can negatively impact your bottom line over time.

Introducing The Service Order Solution

With JAGGAER Direct Service Orders, you can build the right digital process for ordering services. This solution is developed especially for service procurement. Your contractors can confirm their service entry sheets directly in the web portal, which starts an automatic workflow for internal approval.

We have the best ERP integration on the procurement software market. The system updates the order in your ERP after successful approval. Automatic ERP updates help you avoid data entry errors and typos, and streamlines the invoicing process so you can save time and trouble.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Easy to manage changes and adjustments to services
  • Process service orders from the RFQ through to receipt
  • Approval workflows for service entry sheets
  • Significantly simpler auditing, because the supplier communicates the deviation from the order in advance
  • Low internal effort

Integrate For Even Better Results


Want to Process Service Orders quickly and easily?


10 Steps to the Perfect Digital Process


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