Global Price Management

Global Price Differentials Impact Negotiating Power

Calculating price differentials from one locations to another is complex and time-consuming. Differing costs make your spend less transparent and causes you to question if you have made the right sourcing decision.

Introducing the Intelligent Global Price Management

JAGGAER Direct Global Price Management takes the effort out of localizing prices and negotiate core costs globally. This module helps you include local conditions and add-on costs simultaneously. As a result, the whole company immediately benefits from lower prices and better conditions.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Bring needs together to make the most of savings
  • Save time in negotiating agreements
  • Find new savings by making cost structures transparent and improving supply chain
  • Negotiate better prices with accurate data and facts

Integrate For Even Better Results


Set One Global Price for Each of Your Products!


360° Supplier View for Rolls-Royce Power Systems


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