Complaint Management

Do you have the same quality problems again and again?

Is it complicated to process complaints? This results in costs and affects the quality of your product.

Introducing Intelligent Complaint Management

JAGGAER Direct Complaint Management is the best way to structure and speed up complaints. The module pulls complaints from your ERP automatically. It then sends them to the supplier in the Supplier Portal. It supports Six Sigma and processes from a range of demanding industries, including automotive. Unique on the market, Complaint Management has been developed together with the manufacturing industry.

JAGGAER software example

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Full process security and low error rate
  • Supplier reaction time automatically checked
  • Pull data directly into eRFx and SRM
  • Automatic logging of the complaint procedure
  • Real-time communication with suppliers
  • Dashboards and automatic alerts

Integrate For Even Better Results


Want to Manage Complaints easy and fast?


Get better and more efficient QM Processes in Real-time!


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