Project Management

Are your procurement projects complicated?

Are there communication problems between company departments and suppliers? Do you miss deadlines and lose documents?  

Special purchasing projects need extra support – especially in new product development. But a whole project can easily go off course.

Introducing the Intelligent Project Portal

The JAGGAER Direct Project Management software helps you create project plans and identify problems early. What’s more, you can make sure that everyone you need is on-board from the start and embed cost controlling into your projects.

With JAGGAER Direct, it’s easy to integrate data from other modules and ERP. Stay on top of activities using customizable dashboards and to-do overviews. The portal also helps you to keep your project KPIs in one place so that you can control projects easily. And for your next project – re-use successful projects as templates so you can carry forward your best practices into the future.

The Complete Package


Want to manage complex requirements of development projects easily?


Your Procurement team get involved too late in the product-lifecycle?


Stay on Track with Reminders!

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