Utility companies face an increasingly complex and challenging future as the cost of repairing and replacing aging infrastructure continues, costs and liabilities mount from climate-related disasters, and increased demand for distributed and alternative energy sources tax even the most seasoned professional.

This demanding business environment continues to put a strain on managers to control costs, better manage procurement processes, and find new sources of suppliers without sacrificing quality. To complicate matters, new and dangerous health risk, such as COVID-19, threaten both human and financial resources.

JAGGAER offers a powerful platform to meet the needs of procurement and supply chain professionals in the utility industry. With two decades of industry experience, JAGGAER understands the unique challenges facing utility enterprises and provides tailored solutions to help maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it’s optimally sourcing suppliers, procuring direct materials, and or expediting accounts payable, JAGGAER’s full suite of innovative spend management solutions can better protect your company from unexpected and, sometimes, dramatic marketplace changes.

No one can predict the future, but you can prepare for it. JAGGAER’s proven industry-leading spend management solutions ensure your company can not only survive the current and future business climate, but help you even thrive and grow.

> $
million total cost savings
reduced error rate
Up to
less process cost

What Sets Us Apart?

JAGGAER’s unique platform was designed to specifically address the problems typically faced by Utilities procurement and supply chain professionals. From difficulties finding the right supplier and items, to reducing errors in the procurement process, and managing off-contract spending, JAGGAER’s state-of-the art solutions address specific needs and problems, giving industry leaders the tools they need to be successful.

In addition, the JAGGAER ONE platform ties all of the disparate spend management functions together so processes from sourcing to payment work seamlessly together, creating a unified approach. The result is far greater efficiency, along with significant cost savings.

Here are just a few of the innovative solutions JAGGAER ONE contains:

Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO)the most advanced sourcing optimization tool in the world

  • Utilize multi-stage optimization to gain unparallel visibility into the entire supply chain
  • Engage carriers in a collaborative bidding process, leading to an optimized network, secure capacity, and reduced costs.
  • Navigate seasonal peaks and valleys in demand and ensure you are working with the best and most qualified suppliers.
  • Manage costs and competitive markets through Expressive Bidding.

Contract Lifecycle Managementautomate and streamline the contract management lifecycle with state-of-the art precision.

  • Streamline contract management through better collaboration from authoring to approval.
  • Access a single of point of real-time information about all contract terms and conditions to reduce risk.
  • Minimize authoring times with automation features, a dynamic contract generator, and a library of stand templates for contracts, clauses, and individual obligations.

Supplier Lifecycle Managementsupplier 360-degree end-to-end visibility

  • Easily collect supplier information in a single port to run sourcing projects, assessing spending levels and optimize payment processes.
  • Compare suppliers in performance, total quality, pricing, risk and more to build optimal vendor network.
  • Automate supplier management with alerts for expirations and renewals.

JAGGAER integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, McKesson, Infor, Banner, Workday, Colleague, and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of JAGGAER with their traditional ERP systems.


JAGGAER’s suite of solutions for Utilities allows organizations to create sustainable sourcing initiatives that respond to the changing dynamics in the marketplace, master complex logistics across global supply chains, and better manage spend. With utility customers worldwide, JAGGAER has the experience and expertise to help you reduce costs, automate and streamline operations, and facilitate better collaboration with your trading partners. JAGGAER stands ready to help you navigate an increasingly challenging and complex future.


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