Document Management

Document Management Negatively Impacts Overall Efficiency

Procurement and Quality Management departments spend a lot of time—sometimes too much time–requesting and checking documents and certificates from suppliers. The sheer amount of paperwork makes it difficult to assign the right suppliers, categories, and orders. Even more frustrating is the lack of oversight of the status of each document in the procurement and quality management processes.


Supplier Certificates (ISO, QS, …)

JAGGAER Direct Certificate Management helps you collect all your supplier certificates during supplier registration or from the DAE module as well as easily manage and integrate them into the procurement process. Automatic alerts keep you abreast of deadlines or certificate expiry dates. If a certificate is missing or expired, corrective processes automatically start.

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Organize Document References

JAGGAER Direct Document Approval Exchange (DAE) is your single online platform for sending and receiving supplier, category and material documents as well as managing document approvals. Rather than sending large amounts of data for approvals, the entire process has been accelerated.

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Manage Certificates References

With the JAGGAER Direct Attestation Management, collect all the documents you need from your suppliers online. If inspection plans in your ERP say that you need attestations, JAGGAER automatically requests these in the supplier portal. The system ensures that these are linked to an order or item. This solution is ideal for managing the large volumes of inspection and test reports required in mechanical engineering or medical technology.

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Contract Repository

JAGGAER Direct is the only contract management software tailored to direct procurement. Browsing through folders and file cabinets is now a thing of the past. JAGGAER Direct Contract Repository and 100% ERP integration, you can access reliable, useful information in real time.

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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies implements Central Supplier Database


Supplier Management - The intelligent Choice


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