Financial, political, environmental, regulatory, and other changes around the globe demand complete insight into your suppliers to ensure they aren’t putting you at risk.

JAGGAER has a unique partnership with five third-party data providers that specialize in identifying the different aspects of risk among your suppliers. These companies use innovative data collection and analysis tools that can judge a supplier’s likelihood to disrupt your supply chain. You’ll receive a quantitative appraisal – and peace of mind knowing that you can snuff out risks before they arise. Whether it’s supply chain risk, diversity, sustainability, compliance, or financial health, JAGGAER’s integration with these data providers gives you a true 360˚ view of your supply base.


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Very few procurement departments get by without Excel spreadsheets when analyzing or consolidating large quantities of data and preparing reports. Excel spreadsheets are not designed to deal with analyzing transaction data or future trends, because they are not connected to other data sources. These reports cost you time and money, with an unacceptable error rate.

Understand and Interpret Correlations

Our customers bring strategies, KPIs and operational processes together with our solutions, to build a foundation for intelligent actions and recommendations in real time. Our 360° view across all information opens completely new perspectives in procurement. Our unique Total Value of Ownership approach brings more cost transparency than ever before. Data transparency in real time allows quick and agile reactions in a dynamic market environment and long-term savings.

Get The Most Out Of Your Procurement Data

  • Category Strategy
  • Master Data Management
  • Spend Visibility
  • Savings Tracker
  • Analytics | KPI

The Benefits

  • Global transparency across processes in each category
  • Better savings with value in procurement (TVO)
  • Integrated Savings Tracking process
  • Joint understanding of goals
  • Greater acceptance by stakeholders


You have all the data you need for fast reactions and well-founded decisions in procurement: orders from eProcurement, invoice data from ERP, supplier master data in the database, and expensive expert data about the market, supply chain risks, CSR, diversity, and more.

Why aren’t you using it?

Bring Your Data To Life

Our unique Bring Your Own Data approach is the key to a completely new perspective in supplier management. Thanks to our strong partnerships with leading content specialists, you build a central platform with JAGGAER, where all the information comes together. You benefit from the 360° view across your ERP, supplier performance, financial, risk, CSR and sustainability or diversity data.

Your data becomes practical information you can use and is available in supplier management, category management, TVO analysis and more: This is the foundation for true value in procurement.

One Platform for All Data

  • Finance and credit risks
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Sustainability and CSR
  • Compliance and diversity integration
  • ERP integration


  • Better decisions in procurement
  • Value from automated processes
  • Integrated processes with internal and external stakeholders
  • Your data as a foundation for intelligent algorithms
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Many procurement platforms struggle with ERP or have limits to the scope of their integration. Some cannot handle multi-ERP, a common problem in mature, global companies with multiple geographies. Your Procurement team deserves ERP integration without limits.

Our Intelligent Procurement Platform

We have the best ERP integration on the procurement software market worldwide. It connects with every ERP system: SAP, Oracle, QAD, Sage, Infor, Microsoft and more. If you do use SAP, you can use our dedicated SAP Competence Center.

Work In One System

With our two-way data synchronization, you do not need to enter Procurement information twice. Once it’s in our system, it’s in your ERP. Once it’s in your ERP, it’s in our system. This saves time and workload and significantly reduces errors.

The Ideal Solution for Multi-ERP

Our solution connects with multiple ERPs with ease and efficiency. We can help you follow best practices in Master Data Management and bring together data from different ERP systems into one consolidated database. Complex IT systems have never been easier.

Our Key Features

  • The best ERP Integration in the market
  • One platform for all your Procurement Processes
  • Workflows the way you want them


LexisNexis® Risk Solutions And JAGGAER To Work Together Towards Reducing Supply Chain Risk

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