Data Intelligence

Outdated data management sources increase process costs

Excel spreadsheets have long been used to capture massive amounts of data. Unfortunately, Excel has its limitations; its inability to connect with other data sources renders it a cumbersome data repository. This inability to connect to other data sources hampers your ability to generate reports with complete information in an efficient and effective manner. Also, the opportunity for error when combining data from various sources increases and costs time and money to correct.

Consolidate and leverage data to generate cost savings

Our data intelligence solutions help our customers bring strategies, KPIs, and operational processes together and create comprehensive action items in real time. The 360° view across all of the modules opens completely new perspectives in procurement. Our unique Total Value of Ownership approach delivers increased cost transparency. Real-time data transparency also allows for swift and agile responses in a dynamic market environment and ensures long-term savings.

maximize the potential of Procurement Data


  • Maintain global transparency across processes
  • Create savings with increased TVO management
  • Integrate Savings Tracking into procurement process
  • Generate shared understanding of procurement goals
  • Foster broad consensus among key stakeholders


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