Financial Risk

Poor Financial Health of Suppliers Can Impact Workflow

Suppliers that file for bankruptcy or have cashflow problems can negatively impact the business. A lack of financial information may cause you to regret a sourcing decision. It can also disrupt your supply chain and halt your production line.

Check Supplier Finances Quickly and Easily

Our solutions are integrated with financial data look-up from experts (e.g. Dun & Bradstreet, RapidRatings). Enhance your supplier management with full access to their data. You can also check their financial health using financial ratings and index. This helps you understand your supply chain better and identify financial risks early as well as keeps your database neat, tidy, and up-to-date.

One Platform for All Data


  • Use expert data in the registration process to avoid creating duplicates
  • Keep your supplier database tidy and easy-to-understand
  • View suppliers that belong to the same corporate group together – and manage them together
  • Add your own in-house knowledge on top of financial risk info
  • See all financial data in Supplier Scorecard, 360° Supplier View, and 360° Analytics
  • Receive an alert if your supplier’s financial rating changes


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