BYOD – Bring Your Own Data

How Many Systems Is Your Data Sleeping In?

Orders from eProcurement, invoice data from ERP, supplier master data in the database, a large quantity of expensive expert data about the market, supply chain risks, CSR and diversity of your suppliers. And 1, 2 or even 10 Excel spreadsheets to bring all this data together?

Sound familiar? You have all the data you need to stay agile and make well-founded decisions in procurement. Why aren’t you using it?

Bring Your Data to Life

Our unique Bring Your Own Data approach is the key to a completely new perspective in supplier management: Thanks to our strong partnerships with leading content specialists, you build a central platform, where all the information comes together. You benefit from the 360° view across your ERP, supplier perfomance, financial risk, CSR and sustainability or diversity data.

This is where true value in procurement starts: Your data becomes practical information that you can use, and is available in supplier management, category management, TVO analysis and more.

One Platform for All Your Data

Your Benefits

  • Better decisions in procurement
  • Value from automated processes
  • Integrated processes with internal and external stakeholders
  • Your data as a basis for intelligent algorithms


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