COVID-19 and JAGGAER – Questions & Answers

COVID-19 is truly a global health issue affecting everyone and causing concern for our customers, business partners and employees. As we all continue to navigate the uncertainty of this pandemicJAGGAER is committed to supporting your business and will ensure continuity of service.  

JAGGAER has activated an Emergency Response Plan around COVID-19. We are keenly aware of our relevance in the global supply chain and take very seriously our obligation to maintain business continuity across our entire network. You should see no disruption in day-to-day operational activities. 

This Q&A should address any queries you may have about our products, services and business continuity management program. 

What are your specific policies for ensuring business continuity?

JAGGAER maintains internal policies and procedures to support operational and business continuity activities aligned to relevant global standards such as ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22301: 2012 Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems.

Will JAGGAER products and services be impacted by COVID-19?

We do not anticipate any limits or restrictions regarding the availability of JAGGAER products or services as a result of COVID-19. While certain JAGGAER office locations have implemented a remote working policy, we are continuing to ensure excellent customer service.

Will there be any delay to the JAGGAER 20.1 release deployment?

The JAGGAER 20.1 Release deployed on time as planned. The most commonly asked questions we have heard recently related to the timing of our 20.1 release. While some of our customers have been challenged with preparing fully for this release due to the pandemic, the majority of our customers had been anticipating the new capabilities and relied on us to deliver on time. After careful consideration, and listening to feedback from many customers who were looking forward to the features coming in 20.1, we decided to proceed with the release deployment as planned, beginning the weekend of April 3.

Will cloud services be impacted?

JAGGAER SaaS-based solutions are extremely robust and designed to cope with this kind of emergency situation. We do not anticipate any impact on JAGGAER’s service arrangements or facilities. Our software solutions and professional services are supported and operated by teams of skilled personnel who can work remotely to provide normal coverage.

What are JAGGAER’ strategies for providing customer support?

As mentioned above, JAGGAER has activated its Emergency Response Plan around COVID-19. We are keenly aware of our relevance in the global supply chain and take very seriously our obligation to maintain business continuity across our entire network. You should see no disruption in day-to-day operational activities.

Our 24/7/365 customer support is available as usual.

Are you making any special arrangements for businesses coping with disruption related to the virus?

We will work with you to make arrangements that make it possible for you to continue using the software even if your staff is working from home or your business is disrupted in other ways due to the virus outbreak. We are here to help.

If you cannot reach your account team, contact the JAGGAER office closest to you or contact JAGGAER HQ.

Will there be delays in JAGGAER’s own supply chain due to COVID-19?

We do not anticipate any impact to JAGGAER’s critical supply chain, logistics arrangements and facilities. JAGGAER has minimal external dependencies. Third-party dependencies are qualified for their criticality and as appropriate, additional steps may be taken to assure continuity of JAGGAER’s business and/or consideration of the use of alternative suppliers. If service levels are disrupted, customers will be informed through the usual communication channels.

How can JAGGAER help our organization navigate through the business impact?

Different organizations are facing various and sometimes opposite pressures during this pandemic. If you are in the video conferencing, home delivery, or eLearning space, demand for your products and services is unprecedented. But many other companies are struggling. The vast majority of CEOs and CFOs across the globe right now are looking to do the following:

  • Preserve cash
  • Control spending
  • Manage EBITDA
  • Maintain revenues

This focus is paramount to meet operational expenditures and financial obligations that continue despite the pace at which business growth and revenue is slowing. We also know JAGGAER can help executives achieve these objectives with tools such as:

  • Spend Analytics – To help identify where you can preserve cash
  • Sourcing – To help reduce spend
  • eProcurement – To help control spend
  • Supplier Management – To help manage both Direct & Indirect supplier risk

While many would like to take advantage of these programs right now, we recognize that many organizations are also short of cash. If this includes your organization, please let us know. We are working with each of our customers on a case-by-case basis to help them through the next few months.

We are proud to be our customers’ source-to-pay solution of choice. We realize that you and your organization have likely taken similar actions for alternative work scenarios and business continuity. We will continue to monitor the situation and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, while providing quality service to our customers.

We are also working closely with public authorities and healthcare providers to ensure strong supply chains for medical, food and retail supplies.

What is happening with REV and all other planned customer events?

Our top priority is the health and well-being of attendees and employees. After careful consideration of the evolving concerns around COVID-19 and based on guidelines and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments, we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel in-person events. These include regional customer user groups, advisory boards and trade shows through the end of May 2020. The events team will provide new dates and locations as available.

Instead, we are planning more online events and meetings to provide a venue for our community of employees, customers, suppliers and partners to share information that can help all of us prepare and respond to the challenges we are facing today. These will be communicated via email and on our website, and we hope you will participate and improve the collective knowledge across our network.

What is the operational status of my local JAGGAER office?

The JAGGAER executive team has been meeting daily to discuss how we can safeguard our employees, continue to support our customers and partners, and meet JAGGAER’s business obligations during the COVID-19 crisis. JAGGAER has always had a flexible work environment that allows employees to work with their managers on arrangements that best suit their personal needs. JAGGAER has directed employees in the USA and Europe to work remotely until further notice and offices will not be allowing visitors until this situation changes. Outside the US and Europe, regional leadership will continue to make decisions based on the situation in the region, following local guidelines and directives.

Is JAGGAER still going onsite to do installs and carry out maintenance?

No, unfortunately this is not possible in most geographies, as we do not wish to put our customers’ employees or our own employees at risk. We are strictly adhering to the directives and guidelines of national and local authorities.

How will installations and maintenance be done?

Our software runs over the cloud, so physical presence onsite is generally unnecessary and we have technology to enable remote maintenance. If you do need onsite assistance, please contact your JAGGAER representative.

How can I get updates on COVID-19 from JAGGAER?

As we continue to closely follow developments related to COVID-19, including recommendations from the CDC, WHO and other government and health authorities, JAGGAER will share any new developments through this FAQ page.

In the meantime, we would like you to know that our thoughts are with all those around the world who have been affected by COVID-19.