On-Demand Webinar: Building a Digitalization Roadmap

Imagine being able to instantly connect to every tier of your supply chain, having access to all relevant data relating to cost, inventory, delivery times, financial and operational risk, and service and quality metrics. This is the power of digitalization.

In this installment of JAGGAER’s InsideSpend Thought Leadership Series, Building a Digitalization Roadmap, JAGGAER Managing Director Thomas Dieringer details a 4-step process to drive better procurement decisions for the future. He also provides insight into the trends surrounding automation, transparency, algorithms and digitalization for today and beyond.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The four steps to successful digitalization: Automation, Transparency, Algorithm and Digitalization
  • How JAGGAER applications help you turn your data into powerful, predictive analytics helping you to make better decisions, improve workflows, save money and improve efficiencies
  • Elements of a successful category strategy
  • Trends in automation, algorithms and digitalization that are forever changing the face of procurement

Get on the road to digitalization today.