Introducing ASO (Advanced Sourcing Optimization): Soft Constraints

The leader in Advanced Sourcing Optimization brings you Soft Constraints. JAGGAER’s ASO: Soft Constraints gives you unprecedented control over how you define costs in your sourcing events. With Soft Constraints, you can define the incremental costs to relax or bypass scenario rules, and report on what constraints are being relaxed.

In our ASO: Soft Constraints video, join Brian McMahon, Senior Development Manager at JAGGAER, as he walks through the new capabilities brought to ASO.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What defines soft constraints vs. strict constraints
  • Examples of where soft constraints are most useful
  • How to set up soft constraints, with an in-software demo
  • How soft constraints drive flexible savings beyond strict constraints

Please note: This video is intended for users who are familiar with optimization in JAGGAER Advanced Sourcing Optimizer. If you are new to ASO, please view our Introduction to Advanced Sourcing Optimizer webinar first.

To get started with soft constraints, watch the video now!

Introducing JAGGAER ASO - Soft Constraints Product Preview