The Direct Material Procurement Challenge

Direct Procurement: Does Your Platform Pass the Test?

Every vendor is selling a sourcing or procurement suite that they claim will revolutionize your sourcing or procurement. But most are not equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities of Direct Sourcing beyond the classic Procurement lifecycle.

Direct Procurement is different – because when buying materials and components for manufacturing, they have to meet stringent specifications, standards of quality and reliability, and be on-time every time. Not only that but growing awareness means the demand for sustainable and ethical supply chains is increasing rapidly. Never before has the supplier lifecycle in Supplier Relationship Management been more important.

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This fresh – and frank – new insight from Procurement pro, Michael Lamoureux from Sourcing Innovation, lays out the manifesto for Direct Procurement technology:

  • Why Direct Procurement is so different from Indirect Procurement – and how much getting this wrong can cost you
  • The six-step supplier management process at the heart of world-class Direct Procurement
  • A full checklist of what you must demand from your Procurement software vendor.