Webinar: Digital Procurement: How Close Are We?

The Results of Our Global Survey in a Nutshell

How far along is your company on its digital transformation journey? JAGGAER’s survey on digitization in procurement found that the majority of companies (54%) have only digitized standard procurement processes, while just 2% say they have fully integrated smart technologies into their workflows.

Get a detailed overview of the status, potential, and investment priority of new technologies in purchasing. JAGGAER will show you which trends deliver real success in their current state and which investments you should tackle next!

Our webinar summarizes the study’s key findings and their impact on procurement.

In just 45 minutes you will learn:

  • What challenges companies have to overcome in order to ensure a successful digital transformation
  • Which new technologies bring the most value in purchasing
  • Why many companies fail to leverage their data

Although most companies already have the infrastructure they need to digitize their procurement processes, many have not yet taken the next step and are wasting valuable potential.

Discover new ways to improve your procurement team’s performance! Watch the webinar today!

You can also download our 2019 digital procurement survey.

Webinar: Digital Procurement How Close Are We