JAGGAER Advantage 18.0: Keen Insights and Enhanced Visibility

JAGGAER Advantage delivers clear vision across your supply chain with the introduction of Falcon: 18. Falcon introduces exciting new tools to enhance visibility into supplier activity and cost fluctuations. JAGGAER Advantage 18 brings your procurement operation into sharp focus with reports and monitoring tools designed to enable rich, graphics-driven analysis and manage spend more effectively.

JAGGAER Advantage 18.0 Snapshot

Supplier Visibility Tools

  • Expanded Supplier Scorecards: Falcon will roll out exciting additions to Supplier Management capabilities that offer expansive, multi-dimensional visibility into supplier capabilities. The introduction of supplier management teams adds additional insights from across the organization, incorporating input from finance, category leads, risk, CSR and other key stakeholders to drive priorities and craft a more complete picture of supplier performance.

  • Auction Monitoring: Falcon revamps auction monitoring tools to eliminate the use of applets and provide clear visibility into supplier data, bid information, and auction status details, enabling buyers to manage live auctions with more control than ever before.

  • SourcingPlus Insights: Falcon introduces embedded graphical reporting capabilities in SourcingPlus scenario analysis to drive quick cost-benefit analysis and help to choose the best award scenario, balancing price and non-price factors. Rich graphical reporting helps to make sense of a complex data landscape and improve decision making capabilities.


Since the acquisition of JAGGAER Advantage, JAGGAER has already begun the process of creating a single, integrated platform to provide best-of-breed point solutions across the combined suite. Beginning in April customers will have seamless access to both JAGGAER Indirect and JAGGAER Advantage tools using single sign-on (SSO), allowing users to move easily between modules in each platform.

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