Whether you simply need a fully searchable archive of your executed contracts or a solution for full authoring and automated workflows, our contract lifecycle management solution can solve your organization’s needs today and tomorrow.

CLM, by definition, is about managing the lifecycle of your contract – from initiation through approval and execution. But it doesn’t end there. Contract lifecycle management also includes post contract management activities like measuring performance of the contract and alerting the appropriate people for expirations and renewals. It also includes the ability to search and find any contract at any time for any reason and to report on all aspects of your contracts.


contract lifecycle management

Built around a centralized cloud repository, Contracts+ keeps every stakeholder in your organization involved in the approval and management of relevant contracts and obligations.

From Sales Managers to top Legal executives,Contracts+ delivers powerful benefits:

  • Streamline contract management through better collaboration from authoring to approval, and improve compliance by storing all contracts in a single central repository.
  • Minimize authoring times with dynamic contract generation and a library of standard templates for full contracts, clauses, and individual obligations.
  • Eliminate risk of errors and missed obligations with a single point of information about all contract terms and conditions.
  • Get real-time updates through Contract Performance, Compliance and Expiration dashboards.

With full obligation lifecycle management, the ability to author contracts with a native MS Word Office App, a configurable library of smart templates, integration with integration, and real-time contract management dashboards, Contracts+ solution for today and tomorrow.


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