Supply Chain Management

Outdated Systems Retard Effective Supply Chain Management

Most companies still rely on outdated systems to manage the supply chain process such as Excel spreadsheets, email, or even manual documentation stored in filing cabinets. While most companies would love to fully digitize the supply chain management process, they have trouble figuring out where to start.

Introducing the Supply Chain Management Solution

JAGGAER Direct Supply Chain Management helps you to reduce costs and accelerate lead times. These solutions cover the full supply chain: ordering, goods receipt, invoicing, and more. It also adheres to all industry standards.

Connect with all of your suppliers over web EDI instead of just a handful. There are no costs for your suppliers to participate so you can cover all of them, from the largest to the smallest.

Discover These Powerful SCM Features

  • Ease of use for all your suppliers
  • Best ERP integration on procurement software market
  • Real-time communication with suppliers
  • Workflows that manage deviations and exceptions
  • Connects with other modules for enhanced performance

The Complete Supply Chain Management Package


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