Attestation Management

Tailored for Plant Engineering & Special Engineering

Requesting inspection logs, attestations and test reports for components from suppliers is, at times, a necessary part of the procurement and quality management process. It can be a time-consuming, costly, and error-prone process. Managing large amounts of information may lead to documents being incomplete with no system awareness of their status.

Introducing The Solution For Plant Engineering

JAGGAER Direct Attestation Management makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to manage inspection and test reports in plant engineering and special engineering. Processing is easier, faster and more secure because the process is digital. Buyers, quality managers and suppliers no longer have to manually send, track, review and record documents; this leaves them more time to spend on other important tasks. The 100% ERP integration also guarantees that information is always up-to-date.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Lower process and transaction costs
  • Automatic assignment of documents, including status tracking
  • Faster and easier processing
  • More secure and more structured supplier communication

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