JAGGAER Announces New Project-Based Procurement Solution Designed for Large Capex Project Management

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Nashville TN – May 7, 2018  JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, just announced a unique market offering, developed at the request of businesses seeking a new way to manage large Capex projects: Project-Based Procurement (PBP). The solution is being officially released at the annual ISM conference in Nashville, TN. The solution is already in use at two JAGGAER customer companies, both of which have utilized it to change fundamental business practices in terms of managing complex projects.

PBP represents a natural evolution in the spend management space, and creates a path to true digital conversion for many companies still managing large projects with paper and excel spreadsheets. PBP enables the aggregation of all the procurement elements of a project in a digital binder, creating a single source of truth through enhanced spend management. PBP utilizes the same workgroup structure to organize projects as all other JAGGAER products including sourcing, contracts, accounts payable, inventory management and reporting.

JAGGAER’s solution delivers multiple advantages to manufacturers, retailers, organizations and institutions managing any Capex project, like construction or product development. For higher education institutions, the ability to manage grants is an added boon. The solution manages all deliverables and tasks surrounding a project, tracks all project-related transactions including the development of a library of all project-related sourcing events, contracts and related documents.

“We developed PBP with input from several clients and a thorough analysis of market need. It brings true project visibility which enables real-time budget control. PBP is another example of JAGGAER’s commitment to digital transformation, bringing actionable innovation to our customers,” says Rob Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER.


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