Collecting basic supplier information and completing initial approval or vetting steps are the start of a successful supplier management program. But these actions are not enough to effectively evaluate an ongoing relationship with suppliers. To realize additional value from your supply base, your organization should consider implementing a robust supplier management program.

To reach your goals, you’ll need an “A-team” of suppliers. If you’re still using a manual process for supplier onboarding and management, you may not know which suppliers will fulfill your business needs. Automating your supplier management process can effectively and efficiently manage supplier spending and streamline costly processes – saving you time and money.



Juggling phone calls and paperwork from your suppliers is all in a day’s work, right? Managing suppliers shouldn’t be like herding cats. Suppliers are a fundamental part of your business and the program to manage their performance should be given the same level of importance as any other operation in your company. JAGGAER’s award winning, highly rated supplier management solution will ensure that your supplier network is engaged, accountable and delivering what your company needs to succeed.

Still doing things manually? Truth is, your manual vendor management process is costing you more than precious time. It’s costing your organization money – more than $1,000 per supplier per year. JAGGAER’s supplier management solution automates supplier management from discovery and information gathering through registration, qualification and selection, to risk and performance management.

JAGGAER’s supplier management transforms your vendor management process through:

  • Web-based, centralized repository
  • Formalized supplier vetting and performance management processes
  • Automated communications and supplier self-service on-boarding
  • Auto-alerting for expirations or renewals to supplier documentation
  • 2nd tier diversity spend reporting
  • ERP integration

With JAGGAER’s supplier management, your supplier management process will work for you – not the other way around.


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