A Single Venue to Connect Buyers and Suppliers across Multiple Industries.

Streamlined Buyer and Supplier Management

JAGGAER’s robust Supplier Network connects buyers and suppliers across multiple industries and continents.

Our Network provides a single venue for customer-supplier collaboration, vendor discovery, supplier profile maintenance, and supplier catalog management. The Network is a platform that automates source-to-process, allowing buyers and suppliers to connect and realize the maximum benefit of their partnership.

JAGGAER also provides dedicated, HQ-based Supplier Integrations and Support teams to ensure buyers and suppliers are able to leverage the Supplier Network to drive value for their business.

JAGGAER buyer and suppliers

Suppliers: Streamline Your Buyer Management Processes

The JAGGAER Supplier Network creates a single portal for suppliers to effortlessly manage buyers, track transaction details, create invoices, and more. It brings money saving transparency and efficiency into the relationship. Gone are the days of sorting for a single purchase order detail or payment in an email “wasteland.”

The process of maintaining an online presence can easily become cumbersome. Many Suppliers offer hosted and punchout catalogs to numerous customers that require constant attention. Updating and maintaining profiles, and drafting, submitting and monitoring invoices, can all slow down the process. JAGGAER’s Supplier Network tools make communications and transactions quick, transparent, and easy. The network allows for catalog management activities such as pricing and item detail updates, reporting, and connects suppliers to JAGGAER experts dedicated to integrations.

Buyers: Find the Right Suppliers For Your Business

The Supplier Network connects buyers to the right supplier for their business needs—whether the key factor is price, location, product availability, or something else, buyers can find the optimal supplier in an easy to navigate and trackable system.

Buyers don’t have a problem finding suppliers—they are inundated with possibilities and requests. What they can benefit from is a more effective way to work with current suppliers and find new ones that will allow them to maximize margins and efficiency in their ordering activities. When there’s a need to source a new product that current suppliers don’t sell, or look for more budget-friendly alternatives, the Supplier Network helps easily guide buyers through 3,700,000+ supplier options to find the ones that are right for them.

JAGGAER Supplier Network Team

Supplier Network Members are Supported by the JAGGAER Team

Suppliers working with the JAGGAER Supplier Network can take advantage of our dedicated, HQ-based Supplier Integrations and Support teams that ensure suppliers are able to leverage the Network in order to drive value for their business.

  • The Supplier Integrations team offers project management services for customers who decide to enable supplier catalog content in their shopping environment. The team members work collaboratively with both the customer and supplier to guide the enablement process to successful completion.
  • The Supplier Support team provides full-service support to suppliers for a multitude of issues ranging from navigating the initial registration process to troubleshooting order failures and punchout outages and more, in addition to supplier training services.

Why Join the Supplier Network?


  • Access to 3,700,000+ suppliers—and counting
  • Discover and compare suppliers in one location
  • Self-service supplier portal for managing relationships
  • Freedom from email wastelands


  • Exposure to over one million procurement/sourcing professionals
  • Visibility into POs, invoices, payments—all in real-time
  • Create and manage invoices from a single portal
  • Guidance from dedicated Supplier Integration and Support teams


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Join Our Supplier Network

Whether you’re a supplier looking to attract new buyers and streamline your relationships and processes, or a buyer aiming to navigate a sea of suppliers and find your way to cost-efficient arrangements, the JAGGAER Supplier Network can help your organization make the purchasing process—regardless of which side of it you are on—more efficient.