WNS-Denali Outlines New Procurement Operating Model on JAGGAER’s
Spend Management Thought Leadership Series

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – August 8, 2018 –WNS-Denali,  a leading Business Process Management (BPM) company offering procurement services, has mapped  out a new operational model for procurement departments, on the current edition of JAGGAER’s InsideSpend webinar and podcast series. Alpar Kamber, Head Procurement for WNS-Denali, explains the nuances of the model in the webinar. The operational model will help increase the department’s focus on activities that maximize value for the company.

This webinar is a must view for eProcurement professionals in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, higher education, retail, transportation and logistics, and any sector that makes data-reliant procurement decisions.

In the webinar, Kamber stresses that category management is a critical element for procurement to succeed as an operating system. The workflow involves category management developing a strategy and building a portfolio, which then flows upstream into sourcing, contracts and management, and downstream into procurement and payment.

“Category managers and business stakeholders are at the heart of the operating model. Think about procurement as a system. We need to prioritize around bottlenecks and address constraints – like limited bandwidth, category expertise, pipeline visibility, partnership and reaction to market intelligence. We need to manage spend at both the macro and micro level; procurement is separated into execution and strategy, knowledge is captured, managed and applied,” says Kamber.

He adds that digitalization of procurement is a journey that began a long time ago. The big challenge for today’s organizations is data uniformity and availability; standardized data is critical for success. Kamber emphasizes that an analytics platform must be able to deliver specific answers based on data through directed inquiry: Are the right things being purchased at the right price, and supported by the right level of service? “Category owners need to ask the right questions, and the data set required to answer those questions will make your analytics platform more intelligent,” says Kamber.

In the course of the webinar, WNS-Denali also identifies industries that are ahead of the curve in terms of applying this operational model, prioritizing activities while addressing bottlenecks, and identifying the necessary personnel to develop this system. He also analyses some of the current trends and technologies that are enabling this shift.

Listen to the webinar here.

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