JAGGAER’S Panther Release 18.1 Introduces Advanced Controls over Spend Management for Multiple Industries and Organizations

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., April 10, 2018 — JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, today announces Panther: Release 18.1, featuring upgrades to its entire product line to benefit users in the manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, education, and life sciences industries. Reflecting input from JAGGAER customers across all the industries we serve, Panther offers an alternative to spend management chaos with tools to expand control over project spending, streamline contract negotiations and improve invoice handling across the P2P platform.

Panther introduces grace and agility, and the ability to efficiently hunt and capture data while manipulating a complicated jungle of information.

Panther Release 18.1 includes:

  • Collaborative Contract Negotiation: Users in manufacturing, consumer goods, life sciences, and others who often turn to email for contract negotiations will enjoy expanded support to manage contract negotiations on the go with embedded email and mobile workflow support. Both parties can mark up and attach contracts in Microsoft Word, and these are captured and logged in the system for comparison and version tracking.
  • Receipt Based Invoicing: In product-driven industries such as manufacturing, CPG, and life sciences with significant raw materials purchases, reconciliation of POs and Receipts can be a challenge. With receipt based invoicing, invoices are automatically matched with receipt information, drawing down raw materials purchases as they are received, ensuring the accuracy and proper payment of invoices.
  • Dynamic Invoice Processing: Panther improves your management of tail spend with tools designed to provide a lightweight tracking and processing capability for a wide array of short-term and one-off purchases. Email-driven procurement process helps to capture such purchases within JAGGAER’s integrated eProcurement system, granting total visibility into all spending, no matter how large. This functionality will offer critical efficiency in industries such as retail and manufacturing businesses with facilities and services spending that see frequent one-off or short-term purchases.
  • Project Based Procurement: Panther helps procurement teams improve compliance and budget tracking for large capital projects with Project Based Procurement. PBP works seamlessly with Panther’s workflow solutions to create the ultimate trackable, accessible spend management process. PBP enables easy access to all the resources needed for a given project, which helps to ensure projects are completed on plan and with total control and visibility of all project-related expenses.
    “JAGGAER works closely with our customers to deliver the tools they need to support high-performing procurement teams. Modern procurement teams cannot be satisfied with business as usual; to provide their organizations with a competitive advantage, they need tools that support them in their innovation journey. JAGGAER is proud to support the next generation of procurement excellence with our Panther 18.1 release,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER.

About JAGGAER: Global Indirect and Direct Spend Management Solutions
JAGGAER is the world’s largest independent spend management company, with over 1,850 customers connected to a network of 3.7 million suppliers in 70 countries, served by offices located in North America, Latin America, throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. JAGGAER offers complete SaaS based indirect and direct eProcurement solutions with advanced spend analytics, complex sourcing, supplier management, contract lifecycle management, savings tracking, and intelligent workflow capabilities. We have pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and continue to lead the innovation curve by listening to customers and analyzing the market. Our solutions suites are trusted by the world’s largest education, manufacturing, health care, retail, consumer package goods, logistics, construction, utilities companies and public service organizations. Additionally, JAGGAER holds 38 patents–more than any other spend management company. www.JAGGAER.com

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