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Cost reduction is hard coded in all areas of procurement, from strategy to execution. It is the key performance indicator by which procurement is traditionally recognized.   

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Supplier management for next level sourcing

That said, strategic procurement teams go beyond those expectations. Strategic procurement has multiple performance indicators and strategic procurement leaders understand that there are many ways to reduce costs:

  • reducing maverick or off-contract spend
  • reviewing supplier terms and conditions
  • securing early payment discounts
  • adjusting stock replacement strategies
  • and more.

To do this, organizations need a trust technology partner who helps redefine processes, gain greater insight into supplier data, drive supplier innovation and reduce risk. It’s not only about reducing costs, but also adding value.

Our customers unlock the power of procurement to optimize sourcing initiatives, deliver cost reduction and identify opportunities to collaborate and innovate with suppliers.

The JAGGAER ONE platform provides end-to-end automation of the entire procurement lifecycle. It integrates supplier lifetime value throughout the procurement process to provide you with unmatched visibility into your supply base.

Strategic procurement teams utilize JAGGAER’s solutions as the foundational tool to deliver cost reductions.

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