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Strategic sourcing enables organizations to get better value year after year by constantly re-evaluating and improving purchasing and supply chain management activities.

In many ways, the meaning of cost is changing fast, so it is easy to fall into the trap of making the wrong sourcing decision. Without the right technology to support them, procurement professionals often feel like they are comparing apples to oranges when they have to choose between two suppliers to make an award decision. Add in more suppliers and the questions multiply.

JAGGAER Sourcing covers all kinds of sourcing events, from the most routine sourcing of simple commodities to optimized sourcing of extremely complex categories like transportation and professional services, where multiple factors come into play. It provides an intuitive experience, enabling you to conduct simple “three bids and a buy” sourcing events.

JAGGAER Sourcing helps you to set up and create events, manage and evaluate supplier responses, and award contracts more efficiently, cutting bidding cycles in half. Identify the right suppliers to support your business goals with a 360˚ view of price and non-price information.

Manage almost any sourcing process, eRFX and eAuction for contract negotiations, sourcing optimization, BOM-based events etc. For more complex categories, Sourcing Optimizer is in a class of its own. Establish detailed rules for bid events. If you’re unsure about your specific requirements, the Intelligent Award Navigator leverages artificial intelligence to guide you to the optimum award solution.

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