Complex Processes Made Simple with the Power of Digital Solutions

Bühler Successfully Implements Digital Global Category Management Strategy

The Bühler Group is a leading global tech company based in Switzerland. Over the last ten years, Bühler has successfully optimized and digitalized their procurement processes with various JAGGAER solution modules. For Bühler, it was critical to implement a global category management strategy. Everything from the database to the RFQs needed to be structured, organized, and easy to manage. The goal of the optimization project was not only to standardize the RFQ process, but to implement a sustainable global category management strategy that could be easily monitored. After the introduction of the Digital Category Management tool, which automatically generates recommendations for Procurement based on machine learning and intelligent algorithms, Bühler’s procurement is now more efficient and effective, and the company can now focus on pushing its digital procurement strategy forward.

In the Case Study, learn more about how Bühler, 

  • implements its global category strategy
  • successfully centralized procurement virtually across its business units and international locations
  • uses digital solutions to generate and track KPIs for each category
  • achieved improved transparency in supplier development