We have the procurement solutions for your industry

JAGGAER offers the most powerful, comprehensive and complete spend solutions suite to enable streamlined commerce by any business in any industry. Our solutions suite is trusted by the world’s largest higher education, commercial and life sciences companies that collectively form a network with billions of dollars in annual spend. JAGGAER’s SaaS-based, Source-to-Pay solutions enable an efficient relationship between buyers and suppliers, covering the entire spectrum of JAGGAER needs, from sourcing to spend analysis, through contract management and AP. JAGGAER has set the industry standard for the most adaptable and comprehensive, spend solutions suite.

JAGGAER Higher Education


Educational institutions face the challenge of developing the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow to serve all of society—that’s no easy task. More than ever, educational leaders are asked to shift resources to the classroom and invest in students. Spend management is the key to keeping focus on the missions of these institutions, while meeting budget and regulatory requirements. The procurement and spend management solutions from JAGGAER allow K-12 schools, community colleges and universities of all sizes to do just that.

JAGGAER is the undisputed leader in Education procurement and spend management, working with institutions to centralize, simplify, maintain compliance in an expanding and changing environment, and manage overall spend. JAGGAER has a variety of features uniquely developed to meet the specific needs of the education community.

JAGGAER manufacturing


Manufacturers create, package and distribute the goods that quite literally make the world go ‘round. This means supply chain hiccups can’t happen. With JAGGAER, your business can master complex manufacturing supply chain logistics, manage costs in volatile and competitive markets, and navigate seasonal peaks and valleys in demand. Our sourcing and analytics tools are powerful enough to handle the most complex and variable events – while also being intuitive and easy to use. The result? You’ll find the best suppliers and partners in record time and watch your business soar.

JAGGAER has built a record of success with over 350 different manufacturers, supporting a wide range of direct and indirect spend categories for all types of manufacturers – with spend sizes ranging from $1 million to >$1 billion per category. Our solutions are designed to ensure that customers can quickly and effectively wrangle their challenges related to materials, packaging, transportation, logistics and corporate services.

JAGGAER distribution


If you’re a distributor, the ability to aggregate and analyze your business data will have a significant impact on whether you can meet market demands and compete. Increasing pricing pressure and shrinking margins have made it even more critical to find a way to hunt, capture, and manage savings opportunities that can improve your bottom line. JAGGAER’s spend, sourcing, and analytics solutions take data from silos across your business and consolidate them into a single source of truth for your entire operation –creating visibility into spending and reporting out actionable insights, so that you can make quick and informed business decisions.

For many companies, tracking purchases, transfers between branches and warehouses, returns, and all the complexity associated with invoicing, margin, and discounts can be a daunting, error-prone and time-consuming process.

Trust JAGGAER to take away your worries and automate the process. Top distributors in transportation and wholesale do…allowing them to deliver products with scale and specialization on time, in the right place, and in the most optimal way–when only the very best in logistics will do.

JAGGAER life sciences


Acquiring and managing chemicals and other materials for research is a highly regulated endeavor subject to a level of scrutiny seldom seen outside the Life Science industry. Many of the building blocks for research pose health, security and environmental risks. That means strict oversight to ensure you are compliant with requirements, certifications and purchasing limits from OSHA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the DEA.

When you think about what is on the line with this research – the discovery of critical new drugs, ensuring that researchers can access, use and manage the materials necessary to do their work is literally a matter of life and death. That is why 8 of the top 10 global life science companies rely on JAGGAER’s integrated purchasing and chemical inventory management solutions for mission-critical research that keeps the engine of discovery humming.

JAGGAER Healthcare


The healthcare industry is different from most other industries. Even with constant regulatory pressures and daily talk of significant change, healthcare organizations are resilient, still looking to achieve growth and patient centricity through increased procurement solution spending. Why continue to spend in the face of so much uncertainty?

Simply, patient outcomes rival cost savings. This move toward a value-based, patient-centered healthcare system is causing healthcare providers to enter new arenas, leverage new technologies, enter new partnerships, and adopt more efficient business operations. There is complex and specialized product information needed to make decisions, plus billing and reimbursement can be messy. That is why healthcare providers of all types and sizes choose JAGGAER’s unique healthcare bundled solutions for state-of-the-art business intelligence that outlines the standardization of processes, better management of contracts and suppliers, and delivers bottom line savings…ultimately leading to an improved patient experience.



With major shifts in consumer buying patterns and the rise of Internet shopping, mega-trends are reshaping the retail industry. Many retailers did not anticipate these rapid changes and the negative momentum it would bring to their stores. Nor did they see how the demand for new technology would cause a shift away from traditional purchasing. They are struggling to find and maintain profitability, causing them to take a defensive stance. The loss of sales productivity, rising expenses, and the real-time millennial buying trends are dictating a ‘new normal’ in the retail industry.

As a result, today’s retailers will have to look at their own cost structures and decide how to be lean and competitive in their pricing, staffing, and operations. This is where JAGGAER comes in –understanding the critical importance of a ‘do or die’, innovative procurement strategy that marries corporate culture and objectives with an analytical approach to achieving the lowest cost of operations. Leading retailers choose JAGGAER’s scalable procurement suites to guide change management in sourcing, contracting, inventory, and other purchasing-related activities.



Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) procurement teams are finding it increasingly difficult to address the seemingly endless list of influencers impacting their direct and indirect spend categories. In fact, when using basic procurement tools, with limited analytical and bidding functionality, most CPG companies are only able to get up to 30 percent of their spend under management. Handling the complexity inherent in the industry requires a tool that is as powerful as it is responsive.

Twenty-five of the world’s largest CPG manufacturers turn to JAGGAER for the right strategic sourcing and procurement strategy that drives new value where those other general-purpose procurement tools are falling short – with a flexible, scalable and powerful CPG sourcing approach. The JAGGAER solution is the only one that offers greater savings opportunities uncovered through spend aggregation and cost driver optimization, supply chain innovations obtained by engaging in a collaborative bidding process with suppliers and transportation carriers, productivity gains through product-enabled efficiencies, and increased spend under management by addressing complex spend categories.

JAGGAER Public Sector


For governments of all sizes, budgets rule the day. Public sector agencies are always being asked to do more in the face of perpetually shrinking budgets, to avoid needing to raise more tax revenue or cut valuable public services. Standing in the way are outdated, manual procurement processes that are limiting employees from making efficient use of their time and effort; while government agencies are experts at negotiating sophisticated contracts with suppliers, but such deals do little good if employees can’t realize the negotiated savings.

Let JAGGAER help you guide your procurement into the 21st century, making strategic decisions versus purely tactical ones. For decades, organizations and government agencies have relied on us to make the most of their spend in the face of mounting budget pressure. Our tools help consolidate buying power in an agency, save time and money through strategic automation, and manage suppliers and their contracts to make sure agreements are being honored. With JAGGAER, you can create efficiencies in every step from purchasing to renewals, leading to less risk and greater productivity on behalf of your constituents.