Project Management

Communication challenges with procurement projects

Often, procurement projects create communication challenges across departments and with suppliers. These challenges may result in missed deadlines and lost documentation. When new or special projects need extra support, these challenges could cause the entire project to go off the rails.

Introducing the Project Management Portal

The JAGGAER Direct Project Management software helps you build project plans and identify potential challenges early in the process. You can enroll key stakeholders early in the process and embed cost control measures from the start.

JAGGAER Direct allows easy integration from other modules and ERP. You can keep apprised of other activities using customizable dashboards and to-do overviews. The portal also helps you to keep your project KPIs in one place for ease of control. Also, re-use successful projects as templates so you may carry forward best practices into the future.

The Complete Package


Want to manage complex requirements of development projects easily?


Your Procurement team get involved too late in the product-lifecycle?


Stay up-to-date on all things procurement at JAGGAER and beyond.


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