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Our business management tools power companies to organize, strategize and run
their businesses as efficiently as possible. Companies rely on JAGGAER to save!
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Spend Analytics

With JAGGAER ONE you do not need to waste time manually looking through
your data for patterns, gaps, and inconsistencies. It is all automated by the
JAGGAER ONE Spend Analytics solution, which transforms your data into
a powerhouse of information and insight. Data visualization supports better
sourcing and supplier decisions. For example: do you have too many suppliers?
Do you really know which suppliers you are spending the most with?
Are your top suppliers compliant with your organizational standards and
relevant regulations?

Category Management

Category managers want to focus their time and conduct in-depth market
analysis to fully leverage their procurement strategy on behalf of the entire
organization. JAGGAER ONE Category Management ensures that purchasers
need never lose sight of the big picture and its global execution. The module
manages category strategies, actions and workflows based on category-based
algorithms and all relevant KPIs. It makes all supplier development activities
visible to all stakeholders for complete transparency.

Supplier Management

Collecting supplier information, completing the initial approval or vetting steps,
and on-boarding suppliers are the start of a successful supplier management
program. The JAGGAER Supplier Management solution provides a central
repository to collect and assess supplier information and documentation,
helps you make informed strategic decisions about which suppliers best support
your goals, and gives you visibility into supplier performance and development
activities with real-time data and analysis.


A robust sourcing solution helps you create events, manage and evaluate
supplier responses, and award contracts more efficiently. JAGGAER ONE takes
this a step further, typically cutting routine bidding cycle time in half compared
with traditional paper-based bid processes. It enables you to identify the right
suppliers to support your business goals and puts you on the path towards
greater efficiency and savings. JAGGAER ONE gives you a 360˚ view of price
and non-price information to make the best possible decision for your category.
And only JAGGAER provides the capabilities to manage almost any sourcing
process, from three bids and a buy to fulfill requisitions, eRFX and eAuction
for contract negotiations, sourcing optimization for complex sourcing decisions,
or BOM-based sourcing events for direct materials.


Contracts enables you to manage every phase of contract development from
initiation through approval and execution. In JAGGAER ONE it is a complete
end-to-end solution that provides full authoring and automated review and
approval workflows to reduce risk and increase compliance. It also provides
the ability to manage the entire contract lifecycle, including automated alerts
for renewals, expirations and other milestones.


JAGGAER ONE eProcurement provides a configurable, guided buying solution
that gives buyers a modern, convenient online shopping experience, helping
your procurement team to drive your organizational spend towards your
preferred, strategically contracted suppliers. With managed supplier catalogs,
purchase request forms for unique buying situations, and contract-based
procurement, maverick purchases are reduced to the minimum, cutting costs,
saving on admin and strengthening your position for future contract negotiations.


According to the Aberdeen Group, the cost of each invoice can be as high
as $35 and processing it can take up to 38 days. Best-in-class accounts
payable organizations have reduced these costs to $3 or less by leveraging the
JAGGAER ONE Invoicing solution. It automates all of your AP tasks – collecting,
submitting, matching (2- and 3-way) and approving supplier invoices (digital
and paper-based) – giving you full visibility into organizational spending.

Inventory Management

Why purchase from the market when you already have what is needed?
JAGGAER ONE Inventory Management allows you to fulfill purchase
requests from stock on hand, optimize multi-location inventory levels
with auto-replenishment, increase fill rates and raise team productivity.
Specialized inventory items, such as chemicals and laboratory supplies,
are also supported, taking into account requirements specific to your
industry and the local legal framework including regulatory compliance,
health, safety and environmental issues, etc.

Supply Chain Collaboration

JAGGAER’s Supply Chain Execution solutions extend the source-to-pay process
for world-class direct materials purchasing. With seamless integration to any ERP
system, they improve business efficiency and supplier management activities to
support Supply Chain Collaboration, Quality Management and New Product
Introduction across all global locations and backend systems.
Manufacturing and process companies in particular can improve production
and distribution efficiency. With centralized purchase order management, forecast
management, delivery scheduling and third-party logistics management, supply
chain teams are empowered to improve collaboration and planning with
component and material suppliers.

Quality Management

Streamlined quality management processes
lead to significantly reduced claim costs, increased claim compensation rates,
and supplier performance improvement activities. JAGGAER ONE Supply Chain Execution solutions reduce admin burden with the automation of quality management, supplier collaboration and development action plans, driving unnecessary costs and risks out of your supply chain.

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As the foundation for JAGGAER’s best-in-class source-to-pay and supply chain solutions, JAGGAER ONE provides a single source of the truth for all supplier, contract and item data, a turnkey managed supplier network, access to third-party applications and data feeds, integration with ERP and other back-office systems, and reporting and analytics for both indirect and direct spend, including CapEx projects.

A Global Network of 4 Million Suppliers

A Simpler, More Rewarding Journey

Compliance Made Simple

• Ensure the regulatory environment of your internal policies
• Trust your data securely integrates seamlessly with EP systems
• Empower leadership to focus on results

Visibility for Sourcing Professionals

• Make critical supplier information available during sourcing
• Leverage clean, current and accurate data
• Deliver insights to category

Increased Data and Transparency

• Improve buying capabilities with real-time data
• Collaborate more efficiently by auto-capturing supplier information
• Streamline the end-to-end buying process

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