Supply Chain Risk Management with Rolf Zimmer of riskmethods

Hurricane Florence just ravaged the southeastern seaboard. Are you aware of how this might impact your supply chain? While you may not be able to prevent natural disasters, you can mitigate risk to your enterprise by ensuring that you’re working with suppliers who are taking steps to ensure production and delivery are not severely impacted.

In this exclusive installment of the InsideSpend Webinar Series, Supply Chain Risk Management, Rolf Zimmer, Managing Director & Co-Founder of riskmethods, shows you how to develop a comprehensive approach to supply chain risk management.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. How to use supply chain risk management as a key competitive differentiator
  2. What outside factors can have deep impacts on your business
  3. How riskmethods integrates with JAGGAER Source-to-Pay processes for easy, real-time assessment of your supply chain
  4. How to make procurement an innovation/digitization driver on the highly critical supply chain risk management capability